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Irrelevant Title #1

It's approximately 11 PM on Sunday and I still have not written anything for the day. I mentioned yesterday that it is easy for me to come up with many shallow writing topics, and the opposite of that is also true: I find it hard to come up with a few "deep" ideas worth exploring.

Its the same dilemma I face as an indie maker: I can never think of any interesting ideas to build.

I think I'm falling into the trap of "what do people want to read about" rather than writing about my interests. David Perell sums it up nicely: "The biggest mistake new Internet writers is writing about what they think other people want to read instead of following their obsessions."1

Any time I start something new, I seek out the work of others who are successful and try to mimic their work. For example, when designing the landing page for Unearth I found inspiration in the Netlify and Slab websites.

It seems as though writing is no different. I think if I am going to improve, I must mimic my favorite authors' work while applying it to my own.

I honestly don't even know where I am going with this. This writing thing is making me frustrated so I'm just going to publish and call it a day. 🤬


  1. https://twitter.com/david_perell/status/1294764847607844864
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