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Code Review Checklist

I had an insightful conversation with one of the senior developers on my team about code reviews yesterday. Along with explaining why even I—the most junior on the team—should conduct code reviews, he also gave me a list of things he looks out for when reviewing code.

Below is the general outline he follows when doing code reviews. Over time, I may add my own things to watch out for once I begin conducting more reviews.

  • unit tests or a very good reason not to have unit tests?
  • is this absolutely the best array method/data structure/whatever for the problem at hand?
  • is this css going to break with a slightly different screen size?
  • if I have to make a change to this code in 6 months, will I understand
    everything (meaning, good comments and good variable names and organization)?
Cedric Amaya

Written by Cedric Amaya, a software engineer who enjoys occasionally taking a break from coding to write about what is on his mind. You should follow him on Twitter.