Cedric Amaya

Web Developer

I'm passionate about creating exciting and memorable experiences using web technologies as well as learning new things everyday to further my personal and professional development.

My experience with programming began just a few years ago. Having read about and trying freeCodeCamp, I quickly took a liking to these non-verbal but rather typed languages known as code. Since then, I've began my higher-education with a focus on Computer Science. In my free time, I am always either working on a personal project, reading, or watching Netflix. I occasionally write as well.

I currently work as a QA intern at an internet security company but am actively seeking a software development internship.

Personal Projects

  • RapidTabOpener JavaScript WebExtension
    Firefox WebExtension made to easily and quickly open users’ saved URLs. Currently sitting at 700+ downloads; check it out at from Mozilla Addons.
  • tanabata-tree Node.js Express.js PostgreSQL
    “Save-it-later”/ bookmarking web application hosted on Heroku. Frontend uses the Bulma CSS framework for styling, backend is written in JavaScript (Node and Express), and storage uses a PostgreSQL database.
  • Quotr Java
    Android app that fetches and displays quotes from Quotes on Design using their API. View it on the Play Store.

Open Source Contributions

  • mozilla/notes JavaScript HTML/CSS
    Community contributor for the Firefox TestPilot Experiment, Notes. Contributions include:
    • Styling and implementing the Dark theme
    • Adding titles and custom keyboard shortcuts for the editor’s format buttons
    • Implementing support for links